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NEW DAY my arse!

It is clearly ‘with some regret’ that Trinity-Mirror (TMG) has decided to axe its brand new national newspaper, underlines Iain Robertson, as the Group’s shares tumbled yet again to a three-year low of 111p each.

Forget the shares issue. Ignore the management pleas. It seems that TMG is reeling from the

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Why we shouldn’t fear calling out Israel

There is a very real danger, in the fallout from Red Ken’s self-destruct antics of recent days,  to become fearful of calling out independent states, such as Israel, in fear of being labelled ‘anti-Semitic’.

I am proud to state that I have no idea whether Livingstone’s ‘recollections’ from Mein Kampf are

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When will we tire of our celebrity obsession?

While I expect certain red-top ‘newspapers’ to pander to the seemingly unquenchable thirst for all things ‘celeb’, I do become irked (rather rapidly) when it permeates into the (supposedly) more refined media outlets.

That a former cabinet minister had breached Parliamentary Standards and Security Legislation allegedly, by leaving protectively marked papers

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Take Me Out (of my misery)

Whilst waiting for family members to suitably and comfortably position themselves in front of the square box, I had the misfortune to happen across one of the most bile-inducing television programmes I have ever encountered – Take Me Out.

Mercifully, I only caught the last segment of the programme, but –

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