Are we proposing an EU Welfare break or an EU Welfare brake?

Whilst listening to a radio interview of opposing views on the EU Welfare debate that currently rages around us; doubt came to mind.  I hadn’t read any of this news in the printed/online media – relying instead on the spoken word from various broadcasters.

The (seemingly) anti-EU welfare interviewee used a somewhat metaphorical analogy to give voice to his opposition; stating that ‘an Emergency Brake was only something that is used when other systems have failed and disaster is imminent’.

Hang on just a cotton-picking moment young fellow-me-lad!  I thought we were discussing the virtues of a break…not a brake…?  One word representing a brief pause; the other a means of stopping a moving vehicle…?  It transpires that we are in fact discussing an Emergency BRAKE – but leaving aside the lexicographical debates on which is the more accurate noun, I thought I might offer titillation with some (made up) examples of well-known heterographs and malapropisms (or maybe mis-rememebered events for the Clintons amongst us):

  • The Treaty of Roam (where ramblers won the right to stray onto farmers’ fields?);
  • The Thirty Ears Peace (when the hard-of-hearing Spartans shook hands with the Athenians?)
  • Battle of the Sum (schoolchildren agonising over algebra?);
  • Piece of Prague (the best bit?);
  • Can’t stand gravy (well known k.d.lang song?);
  • Camp David accord (when the effeminate David finally agreed?);
  • Boston T Party (a famous gathering of US golfers?);
  • Prints Charming (it really does, you know);
  • Little Boy Blew (did he really?);
  • The Lightning Cedes (well, all great rock bands stop playing at some point);
  • The Annual Duck Chute (that slide for birds we all get out once a year);

What can you come up with?  Have a go in the comments section below.


Helen Curry April 4, 2016

Only this morning I read on Facebook about somebody who was looking forward to some rest-bite from the rain. I think they meant respite!

the furious engineer Author April 4, 2016

That’s brilliant (and yet cringing, too). Thanks, Helen – we could all do with some rest-bite, mind you!


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