Bottom line – why you should outsource your content writing

All successful entrepreneurs know they must play to their strengths and not focus energy on weaknesses.  It’s no different with content writing.

Whilst we all have a good grasp of the English language; and many of us can ‘close a deal’ when talking to a prospective client – how effective are we when it comes to harnessing the power of the written word?

As an entrepreneur, you’re passionate about your business – and need to be showcased rightly as the subject matter expert in your field; to be portrayed as the go-to guy or gal who can be relied upon to effectively respond to a client’s needs in an expedient, professional, and value-adding manner.

Having the skills to verbally reassure a client they should buy you (there’s no missing word here; people buy people – not products or services) doesn’t always equate to an aptitude for persuasion with the written word.

There is nothing more infuriating (apart from Michael Gove, perhaps) as seeing a great company waste the opportunity of a sale by a poorly-worded advert; hurried blog post; incorrectly spelled Tweet; or dull headline.

2016 is predicted to be ‘all about content’ – whether the aim is to enhance your listings on Google, or to unlock the potential of inbound marketing.  Your sexily-designed website alone will not generate enquiries if your content appears amateurish.

The average lifespan of a Tweet is approximately 17-minutes; customers may only see your sponsored content on Facebook/Linked In once; with luck they’ll read your flyer – and you may only get one chance to deploy a successful ‘hook’.

In a task-rich but time-poor environment, why detriment the balance further by acquiring the requisite skills to write great content?  Qualifying as a car mechanic may save me money in the (very) long term but paying the expert is certainly an easily-reached strategic decision!

If you’re not yet blessed with a team of content creators and marketing professionals, why not get in touch to see how we can turn the power of the written word into great conversions for your business?

What do you outsource – and why?  Let everyone know in the comments section below.

4 most commonly observed content writing mistakes:

  • “We’re so excited” or “We’re stoked” – nobody cares about how YOU feel; they want to know about the benefits THEY can expect.
  • “For myself” – no, that doesn’t sound posh; it’s just grammatically wrong.
  • Contractions are often preferable: (dependent on purpose) “we’ll” reads so much better than “we will”.
  • “Our clients know we’ll deal with there…” – please learn the difference!

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