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It is rocket science: how manned spaceflight is the new frontier of innovation

CPA Global Innovation Intelligence Services launches an in-depth patent analysis on manned spaceflight innovation

Analysis of patent information in the manned spaceflight industry has revealed the speed of innovation growth in the area of rocket science. Nations with active manned space programs – the United States, China and Russia – represent three-fifths of

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Spark Of Genius From Rubik’s Cube

For over 40 years, children and adults alike have puzzled over the Rubik’s Cube, the world’s most popular toy and a design icon in its own right. It has stumped and frustrated hundreds of millions of people across the world and has become the symbol of a generation.

With the Rubik’s Cube

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Would you change your EU Referendum vote?

Would you change your EU Referendum vote?  A new survey reveals surprising results. Kis Finance, has released the results of an August poll.  The poll was launched online on August 1 and ran for one week; with more than 6,000 people took part.

“There has been so much talk from politicians and in the

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Drunkorexia: Destructive Trend Hits the UK

43% of British men and 35% of women between the ages of 18-24 are skipping meals in favour of binge-drinking – or drunkorexia, according to the latest National Health Report from healthcare provider, Benenden .

The report found that the problem of “Drunkorexia” is now prolific on UK soil – and it’s by no means

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Quantum Leap

After sobering up from a double promotion party, I appear to somehow have travelled back in time.  I turn on the news to find a female Tory prime minister, a scruffy old leader of the opposition, England failing in a major football tournament, and kids all playing Pokemon.  I knew

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