Angry Brits reach boiling point 20 times a month

Angry Brits reach boiling point on average 20 times a month – with people pushing into queues, rude shop assistants and people who can’t park properly as our biggest bug bears.

Researchers have revealed lengthy airport delays are also likely to make our blood boil, as is not being able to log on to your WiFi, watching the endless, spinning wheel on your computer while it’s loading and spam emails.  The research conducted by Redring also found 62 percent of Brits said the strains of modern life often made them angry as did standing on chewing gum, being around drunk people when sober – and screaming children in public places.

Also featuring on the list were traffic wardens, American rapper Kanye West, smokers, flat tyres, MPs and spilling coffee down yourself.  Not surprisingly then, more than one in ten respondents described themselves as “very stressed”, with 41 percent claiming they were ‘somewhat’ stressed. Four in ten of those surveyed said when they lose their temper, they are most likely to vent their anger at their other half.

Julie McLean for Redring who commissioned the survey said: “Everyone can relate to this list. Even the calmest of people lose their temper every now and then.”

The survey found 46 percent of Brits have got so angry they have screamed out loud, one in five stamp their feet and nearly one in ten have even smashed their phone in frustration or thrown furniture. On average, the research revealed that the typical adult will have four arguments a month with other halves being the person we are most likely to row with.

Nearly one in ten said they are most likely to argue with work colleagues and one in twenty said it was their Mum who was most likely to cause friction.

Julie McLean for Redring, who have launched a competition on https://www.facebook.com/RedringUK/added: “The research shows, impatience is a trigger for stress – in this day and age we are used to getting things instantly, so waiting for technology to load or being sat in traffic can cause us to reach boiling point.

The poll found 86 percent of those questioned felt Britain was becoming a less tolerant nation.


1. People who push into queues
2. Bad drivers
3. Sales calls at home
4. Rude shop assistants
5. People who cough but don’t cover their mouth
6. Screaming children in a public place
7. People who invade your personal space
8. People who eat with their mouth open
9. Donald Trump
10. People talking on the phone too loudly
11. Traffic jams
12. My other half
13. People who hog the middle lane of the motorway
14. People in cars who don’t say thank you when you let them out of a junction
15. Smokers
16. People who can’t park properly
17. Sitting in chewing gum
18. The “spinning wheel” on your computer when it’s loading
19. Not being able to get on WiFi
20. Drunk people – when you’re sober
21. Spam emails
22. Too many adverts on TV
23. MPs
24. People who try to talk to you when you are on the phone
25. People who pick their nose
26. People who are rude in emails
27. Leaving a tissue in a pocket and putting it into the washing machine
28. People who portray a “perfect life” on social media
29. Delays at airports
30. A flat tyre on your car/bike
31. Spilling coffee over yourself
32. No mobile phone signal
33. Paying tax
34. Online adverts
35. Running out of loo roll
36. Kim Kardashian
37. Unpredictable weather
38. People reading over your shoulder
39. Kanye West
40. Traffic wardens
41. The British summer
42. Justin Bieber
43. My sister
44. Filling out forms
45. Your dishwasher breaking

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