Would you change your EU Referendum vote?

Would you change your EU Referendum vote?  A new survey reveals surprising results. Kis Finance, has released the results of an August poll.  The poll was launched online on August 1 and ran for one week; with more than 6,000 people took part.

“There has been so much talk from politicians and in the media about the possibility of another Referendum – and if there is one how the result might turn out,” says Kis Marketing Consultant Alan Andrews.

“We didn’t want to know how people would vote in a new Referendum, but how opinions might have changed over recent weeks: have any of those who voted to leave the EU now changed their minds, and have some of those who chose to remain now decided against it?”

Here’s a summary of the poll findings:
• The majority of the 6,000-plus people who responded would still vote the same way in another Referendum.
• Almost half our survey – 48.3 per cent – still support Remain.
• And 44.43 per cent continue to back Leave.
• Of those who would swap the way they voted in June, more would now support Leave rather than Remain.
• And those who didn’t actually vote in June? More would support Remain than Leave.

Alan Andrews, a firm “Remainer”, adds:
“Overall, although it would be still be close if there was a Referendum, the majority would still vote for Leave – and looking at our results, that majority would probably be slightly bigger. However, it is early days to gauge a clear view going forward. The economy, the housing market, unemployment and immigration will all affect the way that individuals think about Europe over coming months.  That’s why we plan to carry out further regular polls to help us chart and analyse changing opinions.”

The full results of the poll can be accessed here.

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