Olympic Thoughts

The Olympic Games is certainly inspring many people to…spend hours in front of the TV!

But on a more serious note; what are the ‘biggest’ risks to the LOCOG, UK PLC and HMG? Because they are intrinsically linked.

Imagine that LOCOG, The International Olympic Committee, G4S, HMG, members of our brave Armed Forces, Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police, the Office of the Mayor, Network Rail, and the worlds media are all part of the same organisation – perhaps the different sectors and units that make up your organisation.

How do the risks from each seemingly separate division affect the others? What happens to the risks ‘owned’ by one unit when those from another are changing – perhaps with likelihoods changing too? How do you know – how do they know? What do you do about it?

What are the really ‘big’ risks? Are they the ‘big hitters’ or the spectacular events that our brave boys and girls from the Armed Forces are mitigating against so successfully? I doubt it very much – not only because of the professionalism and vgiliance of the Armed Forces; but because of ‘sods law’!

What will be the full impact of the tragic death of the cyclist that was killed by a coach driver so near to the Olympic Park?

How would your organisation deal with an errant ‘contractor’ that overstepped the mark in the ‘heat of the moment’ (sorry, India)?

Are you confident that you know ALL of your risks – moreover do you know how they change and are changed by ever-shifting sands?

Just a thought…

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