Stolen from the lips of dinosaurs

Throughout our career and in fact in our daily lives, Safety Professionals hear things that make them shiver to the bone!

Things you really DO NOT want to hear in your organisation:

  1. They must be safe – they haven’t crashed!
  2. Why are we trying to change something that isn’t broken?
  3. But we’ve always done it like that.
  4. Look son, never mind all that stuff – I’ll show you how it’s really done…
  5. Don’t you think this safety nonsense is a bit over the top?
  6. Why would we want to supervise or check – we train our guys properly and trust them?
  7. Sometimes you just have to cut corners…
  8. What do you need that book for – can’t you remember how to do it?

How many others have you heard? Remember; safety is always too much – until it’s not enough.

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