Kicking of Walls

We thought we’d try something a little different with the publication of ‘Kicking of Walls’.  Please share if you enjoy reading it.


Kicking of walls

Triumphant swarms emerge in glory,

Staccato eruptions of steam in unison,

Badged hats and colours worn,

Snaking home in victory.

These, the heady days of a football fan.


Aggrieved processions despondently weave,

Dark Lords again have failed to notice,

Sleight of hand and avarice,

Now is the time to grieve.

These, the dark times for a football fan.


Despondent lines of private fury,

Eleven men with minds elsewhere,

Icons none are fit to wear,

Kicking of walls our chosen remedy.

This life, this choice, this football fan.


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