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It’s Monday once more; so let’s start the freelance week off in the best way possible by looking at a précis of the last 7-days’ best freelance articles, news and advice with The Freelance Bulletin.  The original articles can all be accessed from the hyperlink attached to the respective author’s name.

The hot corporate career of the future isn’t what you’d expect

Celebrating the step-change in the perceptions of a freelancer; from the ‘cash-strapped worker between jobs – to the consummate professional, Elaine Pofeldt writes on how the US workforce is projected to morph into a 50/50 split between permanent and ‘contingent workers’ within 10 years.

With the ‘seniority level’ and skill set of roles gradually changing to encompass executive level posts, the boardroom of the future will surely not resemble the present.

Pay freelancers – or pay a legal price

As the number of freelancers joining the gig economy grows, so does the number of professionals who have not been paid; not been paid enough; or simply ‘stiffed’ (Sara Horowitz and Brad Lander’s words- not mine).

New York City boasts an army of over 1.3m freelancers; and in a ground-breaking, and welcome development, the city is establishing an ‘Freelancing isn’t Free Act’ that will provide support for the plaintiff – and more importantly – legal and fiscal penalties on the debtors.

And about time too.  We will watch our cousins across Atlantic with interest.

Life hacks of the freelance economy

Noting that the stakes are high (potentially) for those joining the world of the freelancer, Aimee Groth offers some advice/hints and tips required to avoid the pitfalls/maximise your potential, including:

  • Working in isolation is the surest way to fail;
  • It’s essential to leverage the sharing economy;
  • Invest in experiences;
  • Manage multiple streams of incomes;
  • Security comes through networks;
  • Get really good at one thing.

We can add a few more in our Resources for Freelancers section – what could you come up with?

PwC launches a marketplace for freelancers

Widely reported this week is the news that Price Waterhouse Coopers – one of the top four largest accountancy firms is actively seeking to leverage the freelance economy.  Here, Claire Zillman notes that this behemoth of the world of numbers now allows freelancer to upload their CV and portfolio – and bid for work amongst their clients.

Exciting times ahead – who will follow suit?

7 ways top freelance writing pros are growing their 2016 incomes

Although Chelsea Baldwin’s article is targeted at the writers within the contingent economy, there is undoubtedly ‘read-across’ for all:

  • Offer an easy-to-replicate service;
  • Outsource easily-repeatable work;
  • Increase your targeted guest posting;
  • Work with complementary content creators;
  • Stop charging hourly;
  • Publish a real book;
  • Invest in coaching.

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