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We thought it would be really useful to link all of our great articles on all things freelance in a convenient one-stop page for our readers to bookmark to as a handy go-to guide for the latest information – providing a handy resource for freelancers.  We hope you enjoy it – and we’ll add to it with every new article on freelancing.

Recommended Books

The Contractors’ Handbook: The Expert Guide for UK Freelancers and Contractors.  Without hesitation, we can state that this book is the most useful read across all of our bookshelves.  If you’re already a freelancer or contractor then this book may just represent the best investment you could make.  If you’re considering a move into the ‘gig economy’, and are not sure whether this would be the best move for you…BUY THE BOOK.  From memory, you’ll know for sure by about page 16.  Caplin pulls no punches, and this easy-to-read book is both a fantastic reference source and an enjoyable read to boot.



Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking.  Whether you’re a security/IT contractor who is charged with protecting valuable data and servers; or just want to do all in your power to prevent you from becoming the next fraud statistic, this is one heck of a read.  Written by a pre-eminent Social Engineer (and one of the founders of the popular television programme ‘The Real Hustle’), this book will amaze, shock, and astound in equal measure.  No matter your prolific, state-of-the-art protection systems, the weakness will always be the soft, squidgy interface.



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