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Absolute 80s

I’m sure we all witnessed the disturbing scenes in and around Marseille during the early stages of Euro 2016, and my thoughts go out to any fan who’s has been hurt in anyway during these recent troubles.  Fans from any country deserve to return safely from a football match; it’s

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French Lesson

I have recently returned from a scouting trip to Marseille; a trip we embarked on just to enable me to write this blog. Can I make it clear from the start; this was in no way a romantic weekend away planned by the Mrs.

The lesson starts in Newcastle airport as

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A winning team

And breathe …. So that’s it. The seasons over, and everyone can relax… Well almost everyone.

My heart goes out to the fans of those teams involved in this weekend’s play-off games; they say it’s a great way to go up, winning at Wembley to get promoted. It doesn’t get much

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Fake devices and the football fiasco

Now the dust has settled at Old Trafford, and – with luck – the proverbial patellas have ceased to twitch, we can examine the root cause of this palaver.

Contrary to red-top sensationalism, this is not a sign of how nervous Euro 2016 organisers and the football authorities at large are

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Stand up if you love football

Does anyone actually love football? I mean truly love it? After another gut-wrenching ninety minutes of incredible lows – interjected with the odd thirty seconds of unadulterated joy – I find myself asking who actually enjoys putting themselves through this kind of torture?

In a season that spans forty-odd games, you

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