Stop selling, start serving your customers

Many retailers are preparing for the busiest shopping period of the year, but how do you keep the customers coming when Christmas is over? Sales and Customer Services Dario Cucci explains how making a simple change to your customer communications will keep business flowing through 2017.

Dario Cucci based in Balham, London works with businesses by identifying problems with their current sales strategy and focuses on generating long-term revenue. Over the last 15 years he has developed and refined a relationship sales system that teaches businesses how to improve communications with customers and sustain sales.

Dario Cucci explains, “The mistake which several businesses make is the belief that customers will return purely based on their experience of the product. The reality is that customers will always remember the service they have experienced and how their problems have been handled. To continue your sales, you should grow your relationship with a customer and increase repeat sales.

“Research has shown that people are more likely to buy on the seventh or eighth point of contact. It can be a mixture in the ways you communicate but ultimately you should not expect to make a sale the first time you speak to a customer. Once someone has purchased a product the groundwork has been done, you’ve built trust and you need to maintain it. A customer who loves your product is likely to tell others about their experience in store or online and recommend you to others.

“Imagine you have been on a fantastic first date and then do not speak to them for six months. You then call up and ask to borrow some money. They will question why they should give you money and are likely to say no. It’s the same with businesses – why would someone buy from you again if they experienced bad customer service and you were only in touch to ask for payment?

“After selling a product it would be wise to invite a customer to leave a review and ask what they would change. You could even call them and see if they are happy with their purchase and learn what else they are looking for. If it is an online purchase, follow up with an email.

“However, do not rely on automated services to continue your sales. Although they can be helpful, they are killing your business. If a customer experiences a problem they would want to speak to someone who can help instead of listening to a pre-recorded message or filling out a form. This could be a turning point for potential return customers and impact your business negatively.

“The timing and nature of the follow up is crucial. If a customer has a great experience but no communication, they will start looking elsewhere. A suitable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will be able to help trace the history of conversations and show when the customer was last spoken to. This also gives a good indication as to what a customer may be looking for in the future. It is helpful to have an expert identify the best system for your business and see where improvements can be made in your sales process.”

Dario Cucci is well-accomplished in the psychology behind sales and has extensive experience in the industry. His process has helped businesses grow their profits three-fold through training in leadership, negotiation, management, service, selling and customer service skills. He is currently writing his first book which will reveal the best customer services and it will be released next year.

Dario will be hosting his Serve and Sell Masterclass event at Crown Plaza, Kensington, London on Saturday 26 November. Tickets are £49 and include a one-on-one Skype Coaching call with Dario Cucci.

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