Segregation of our delicate little flowers

Old Jezzer Corbyn is in the spotlight again – grabbing the headlines with his latest sound bite based on the protection of women (such delicate little flowers) on public transport.  Later updates to this story suggest that he may have just stated that he would ‘consider’ such an action (despite such carriages having been phased out due to underuse over 50 years ago); but he is nonetheless considering such a move.

Whilst protecting our damsels in distress from the marauding predatory rapists, muggers and general ne’er-do-wells that have infiltrated the male population in such seemingly high numbers, such an ill-thought out ‘policy’ is just that.

Putting to one side the amount of suffragettes who would squirm in their graves at such an attack on feminism, who would police it?  Will there be a female bouncer at the end of each carriage checking your ratio of X:Y chromosomes? Obviously such carriages wouldn’t be the target of rambunctious stag nights on a night out would they – a designated moving target: perish the thought!

I’m proud to say there are a good number of females in my family and circle of close friends who – despite their undeniable femininity – I would gladly ‘have my back’ in any fight.  Are we really expected to accept that feminine equals weak and male is strong? I think Jezzer may find himself removed from the Greer household’s Christmas Card list this time.

There is undoubtedly a call to improve many aspects of public transport – including the security and safety for all passengers. But this cannot be achieved by revisiting the Victorian era in an attempt to protect those of a delicate disposition.

As an avid holder-of-doors-open-for-women I don’t believe myself to be a hypocrite; as this is done out of respect and and admiration for the female species’ resilience from and tolerability of everything thrown at them by the male populace. It doesn’t mean I hold them in patronisingly low regard – the exact opposite in fact.

Ultimately though – other than stirring emotive reactions from people like me – none of this really matters. His ‘aspirations’ to take his party back to politics of a bygone era; the reopening of coal mines, the re-nationalisation of utilities, or the segregation women on public transport will never be realised – Tory infiltrators into his party’s leadership election will leave his party unelectable for a generation.

What are your thoughts on dedicated and segregated carriages for women?  Let everyone know in the comments section below.

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