Mind the skills-gap after Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will create as many jobs in the UK as it will displace over the next 20 years, according to a report by PwC [1].
Their analysis showed that the fourth industrial revolution will favour those with strong digital skills, as well as capabilities like creativity and teamwork which machines find difficult to replicate.
However, there is a large supply gap, with 63 percent of CEOs worried about the lack of talent to stay competitive in the digital age.[2]
As firms compete for digital superiority, they must take a grass-roots approach to understanding the skills gap in the existing teams, according to Farida Gibbs, CEO and founder of professional services firm, Gibbs Hybrid.
Farida comments:
“As the demand for people with digital skills increases, many firms make the mistake of hiring IT experts without first understanding what they need for tech advancement.
“With so much technology out there, it is difficult for firms navigating change to cut through the noise. Having access to ‘ready-made’ digital teams as needed allows firms to tap into the right expertise. It’s almost like having a menu where they can pick and choose a PROJECT team which will be best able to cater to their specific business requirements.
45% of IT projects go over budget. Having these agile teams will allow firms to deliver successful outcomes when it comes to driving innovation their business.  Firms can stay competitive and keep up with the digital age, taking advantage of on-demand digital teams to cut costs, mitigate risk and accelerate change.”

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