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Welcome to the inaugural ‘Freelance Bulletin’ – a précis of the week’s best freelance articles, news and advice.  The original articles can all be accessed from the hyperlink attached to the respective author’s name.

7 free places to work in London when you’re freelance

Bemoaning the differences in perceptions in what a freelancer DOES – as opposed to what friends and family THINK one does – Alya Mooro helpfully lists 7 fascinating and surprising venues in the capital where a freelance can work in comfort (replete with Wifi and a comfy chair and table).

Well worth a read if your only perception of an open workspace is the local coffee shop.  I for one was blissfully unaware that the Google Campus provides an entire floor to FREE working spaces.  And as for the British Library….genius.  What about your local library….cheaper than 10 cups of moca-choca-cappu-frappe-latte?

How freelancers can boost your content marketing

Enlisting the use of freelance expertise brings many benefits to an organisation, and in this article Rich Pearson highlights the advantages:

  • Increase capacity at a moment’s notice;
  • Ready access to niche skills;
  • Flexible working assists tight budgets.

Although there are potential downsides to consider when evaluating permanent recruitment or outsourcing to freelancers…we can’t expect someone from Upwork to laud them.

Freelance v Full Time: The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Independent Contractor

Offering a somewhat more balanced view, Riia O’Donnell muses over the benefits of hiring a freelance – cost reduction, risk reduction, access to a diverse talent pool, quality of work, limited payroll, and a global reach.

The negative aspects of hiring an independent contractor are listed as a risk of multi-tasking (other than on YOUR project), relationship concerns between freelancers and clients, a potential training burden (and cost), and uncertainties on the classification of the worker (along with the vagaries of employment and taxation law – dependent on the locale).

How to balance freelance and family life

Adding some valuable insights into the perpetual tug-of-war between home and work life, Jane Porter offers some tips based upon her own experience and that of a friend (and fellow freelancer) who returned to work 2-weeks after giving birth to her second child!

Her hints and tips include setting a regular schedule (and sticking to it), distancing yourself from distractions, setting realistic quotas, outsourcing day-to-day tasks, and having a contingency plan!

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