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It’s Monday once more; so let’s start the freelance week off in the best way possible by looking at a précis of the last 7-days’ best freelance articles, news and advice with The Freelance Bulletin.  The original articles can all be accessed from the hyperlink attached to the respective author’s name.

10 pieces of advice freelancers never want to hear again

Faced with advice ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous – how does the freelancer respond?  In this amusing, yet thought-provoking article, Linsey Morse steers the reader through the minefield of responses; whilst smiling sweetly and reacting accordingly!

How to escape the 9-5 and never look back

In a part advice-orial, part biographical piece, the story of how Floyd Hayes left the security of a 9-5 to embark on a freelance journey is told.  Intertwined with the more emotional pros and cons of a freelance lifestyle versus a ‘9 to 5’ is the tale of ‘Office 52’ – a plan to work from a different ‘open office’ (including public parks and recreational spaces) with some surprising results.

The emotive aspects when comparing the freelance and ‘secure’ career are listed thus:

Freelancing cons

  • No regular salary, healthcare or 401k pension
  • It will be lonely, with a lack of peer support and camaraderie
  • Lack of office resources. Desk, printers, paper, stuff
  • No new business developer — in fact, I’ll have to everything including the things I hate, like paperwork and accounting

Freelancing pros

  • I’ll escape the box!
  • No more endless meetings
  • Break free of the rat race — goodbye 9am L-train commute!
  • The satisfaction of being my own boss
  • Total creative freedom

Would you take a pay cut to work from home?

Highlighting the fact that 50% of Australians would take a pay cut of 20% to work from home, Larissa Ham evaluates the pros and cons of working from home (from both a freelance and ‘permanent’ role point of view).

Home-working pros:

  • Flexible hours – enabling family time with young children;
  • Don’t have to get dressed for work

Home-working cons:

  • Isolation;
  • Hard to maintain the correct work/life balance

We offer slightly more in the way of assessing the benefits and drawbacks – see if the home office is right for you here.

When is the freelance writing jobs’ tipping point?

With great reference to blockbuster films, Keith MacKenzie evaluates entertainingly the point at which a writer can (should?) embark on a freelance career.  Is the best option to set ‘sail into the unknown’ – and when should (could?) you do it.  Great article – read on from the link!

Hire like Uber: How to leverage the freelance economy for business growth

Using Uber as a case study, Tim Hand suggests ways in which start-up businesses can maximise outsourcing in order to achieve growth:

  • Stay flexible with outsourced help;
  • Use technology to manage your workforce;
  • Bring your own device.

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