Everything you wanted to know about freelancing but were too afraid to ask – freelance questions

Setting out on my freelance career, I had so many questions I wanted to ask but either didn’t feel comfortable doing so, or there wasn’t anyone that I knew with the answers.

How much daily rate can I expect to reasonably charge?

What do I need to do before I become a freelancer?

Do I need an accountant?

I could go on.  In addition to the myriad of questions asked of existing freelancers (and I am pleased to report that the advice was freely given) there are a number of questions that I felt a little uneasy asking too (and therefore didn’t).

We may think they are ‘stupid questions’ (the only stupid questions are the ones left un-asked), or slightly embarrassing:

How do I know if I can make it as a freelancer?

How much money do you pay yourself as a salary?

Should I get insurance?

Do I need to join some sort of union?

What is this IR35 all about?

At The Furious Towers we aim to provide all the guidance you need to take you on a journey from ‘novice freelancer’ all the way to ‘the best freelancer in your field’ – just take a look in our ‘resources for freelancers’ page for some great tips and insights.  But we don’t yet have proof that we’re answering the right questions.

This is where you come in.  We believe we have a good grasp of the type of information you need and want, but – although we’re many things – we’re neither arrogant or complacent.

We need your help.  What questions do you have about the world of freelancing?  What questions do you have about the gig economy at large?  If you’re already an established freelancer, are there any questions you wanted answers to at the start of your career but didn’t ask?  Perhaps you’ve picked up tips along the way that are worthy of sharing with others?

We’d really value your feedback and comments; and we will of course give you the credit and recognition you deserve in our future articles (unless you’d rather we didn’t) which we’ll craft from your invaluable feedback.

Let us have the questions you’d like answering along with any great advice in either the comments section below, or tweet us @furiousengineer.

Thank you all in advance of your feedback.

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