Data reveals scale of contractor demand in Spain following economic expansion

A period of unprecedented economic growth has caused a spike in contractor demand in Spain, according to statistics from the leading supplier of international contractor management solutions, 6CATS International.

The organisation’s most recent data shows that the country has seen a 154% year-on-year increase in contractor numbers in July 2018. Of this number, 51% are EU nationals who have moved to the destination seeking work opportunities.

This demand comes at a time of extensive economic expansion in the country, with the IMF and OECD forecasting 2.8% growth in GDP for 2018.

Michelle Reilly, CEO of 6CATS International, commented on these statistics:

“The Spanish economy is certainly booming following several uncertain years. The fact that the country experienced the greatest growth of all the advanced economies in 2017 and looks set to continue with such a positive outlook, means that specialist professionals are highly sought after to support and drive further success. While 48% of the contractors operating in the country are Spanish nationals, there’s clearly a reliance on foreign contract experts to fill demand across sectors including Marketing, Technical & Engineering, Pharmaceutical, IT, Energy and Oil & Gas.

“However, while there’s clearly a wealth of opportunities for contract work in Spain, remaining compliant while operating in the country can be challenging, particularly given the need to register for multiple documents such as a Numero De Identificacion de Extranjeros or ‘NIE’ number. With a global clampdown on tax fraud, ensuring all parties involved in a contract placement are compliant with local legislation is now arguably more critical than it has ever been.”

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