Calling all writers and bloggers

At The Furious Engineer we’re developing a growing reputation for providing insightful, informative and entertaining articles amongst our ever-expanding readership, and we want to hear from up-and-coming or established writers and bloggers.

Our mission is to become a world leader in the provision of free-to-access articles on all things freelance – combined with a heady mix of thought-provoking articles that inform, entertain, and promote meaningful debate.

What we’re looking for

In order to successfully complete our mission, we’re seeking articles from writers and bloggers in the following two categories:

Freelance: We want to take freelancers from every genre on an educational journey from ‘novice or budding freelancer’ and lead them on a path that – through the delivery of advice, hints and tips, and shared experience – provides them with the required knowledge to survive the pitfalls of the gig economy and allows them to survive, grow and prosper.

Whether you have the benefits of experience to share, great advice, top tips, suggestions on attracting more clients – or even advice on what NOT to do; then we want to hear from you.  These articles can be from the freelancers OR the client’s perspective – and can be written to inform either/both – and from anywhere in the world where freelancers exist.

Comments: To complement the freelance articles we provide, we want to entertain and inform our readers (in equal measure) through the provision of observational commentary on matters poignant to the author in order to engender and promote healthy debate.

Do you have something that the world simply HAS to hear about?  Well we want to hear from you.

What you’ll get in return

Within any article that we publish, we’ll include links back to your website and/or Social Media channels – along with a brief biography on ‘what you do’ and how you can be contacted (for work, collaboration, advice etc.).

As well as providing a great platform for your writing, we’ll promote your articles mercilessly and regularly across all of our Social Media platforms – maximising your exposure to the world.

What we don’t want

Although we recognise there are extreme views in existence; they’re not something we wish to be associated with (from either end of the political spectrum), and wouldn’t consider publishing those or any offensive articles for even a nano second.

Nor will we publish articles that are a blatant advert for a specific product or service without offering any benefit to our readership.

Are you the writer we’re looking for?  Send your article for consideration to enquiries@thefuriousengineer.com as a Word document (.docx or .doc format)with any graphics you wish us to consider for use.

When submitting an article for publication, you must confirm that the work is your own, and that it can be published without prejudice or liability to The Furious Engineer (in short you must indemnify The Furious Engineer for it’s use) – and where applicable, that you give due credit to any other author’s work (with relevant links) that you quote or cite within your article.

With regards to any supplied graphics for publication, they must be in jpeg format and you must confirm that you own the rights to their use – giving The Furious Engineer permission to reproduce them on our website.

If you do not have/own the rights to graphics, The Furious Engineer is content to purchase suitable images to use as an accompaniment to your article if we publish it.

We promise to do everything in our power to ensure that as many people as possible read your published work – you rock!

What are you waiting for….?