A Furious Rant – is it just me?

It really has been one of those weeks hasn’t it? You know – one where things really just seem to get under your skin and ‘wind you up’.  Maybe I’m over-tired – although my FitBit tells me my sleep has been adequate.

First there was Greece. Well-played Mr Tsipras – a great lesson in abject self-humiliation and self-destruction. You succeeded in biting the hands of benefactors; and stayed around to rub salt in the wounds.

Not content in alienating every EU finance minister with the deployment of your T-shirt wearing, smug ‘Finance Minister’ to wind-up the assembled purses; you then halted a process that was already teetering on a knife-edge to return home to your adoring banner-wavers and held a one-sided referendum that was heavily weighted towards dogmatic principle – with an outcome that was never in doubt.

Did you at any time consider showing any leadership? You know – the trait your wonderful nation pays you for? Nooooo – why show leadership and statesmanship when you can lay the blame at the hands of the electorate?

I can’t begin to guess the aim of your charades; but if it was to alienate the rest of the EU in order to secure terms and conditions that are far worse than the original offer – then I congratulate you on reaching your goal with perfection.

Is it just me?

At this time of year, parents like me look forward to attending the ‘end of year’ production at our kids’ schools. A time for fabulously imperfect theatrics that nonetheless bring a daft grin to your face; as the little ones perform for your delight.

Apparently it’s too much to ask fellow audience members to refrain from holding a (not very quiet) conversation during the performance. Asking those with younger children to come along to the show reserved for the whole school during the day also falls on deaf ears.

When did this great nation of ours lose its manners? I ask you – whether in theatres and cinemas across the land; how many times must I be forced to sit amongst deafening packet-rattling, coughing and chattering imbeciles? And as for a tickly cough; if you’re that ill – STAY AT HOME!!

Is it just me?

Heaven forfend – this week ended in perfect fury as I had the displeasure of witnessing another Americanism that has invaded our psyche. Yes, dear reader I refer to the Nursery Graduation. THE NURSERY GRADUATION!! What the flying fish are we thinking of, readers?! What purpose – other than a new business opportunity for ‘Ladybird’ or ‘Fisher Price’ gown and mortarboards – does this spectacle actually afford?

Do we really feel that a 4-year old has successfully navigated a rite of passage as their parents ready them for life in the big, bad world of Foundation Stage schooling? Pur-lease!!

And don’t get me started on the ‘Nanny State’ plans to ‘combat obesity’ by encouraging an overdose on fructose!

It can’t be just me – let everyone know what has infiltrated your epidermis layer in the comments section below. Try it – it’s great therapy!

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