Software Safety Engineering

Software (Safety) Assurance

Vastly experienced functional safety engineers - specialising in the (safety) assurance of software and Programmable Elements.

Requirements Engineering

Experts in supporting, managing, and assuring software safety requirements through life.

Functional Safety

Decades of experience in assuring the functional safety of complex and safety-critical systems.

Unravelling the Complexities of Software Safety Assurance

Bringing pragmatism, defensible assurance, and transparency to the world of software safety assurance

Engineering Consultancy

At The Furious Engineer we excel in the provision of outstanding Engineering Consultancy services – specialising in Software Safety Assurance, and the Functional Safety of complex, safety-critical systems; supported by robust Requirements Engineering.

Hourly rate – but only charged by the minute!

  1. All project sizes
  2. Anywhere in the UK*
  3. No teeth-sucking or ‘Life of Brian’ haggling – one price
  4. Consultancy simplified

We’d love to hear from you and discuss your requirements without any obligation or commitment.


additional T&S costs may be negotiated dependent on geographical location of tasks



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