Exciting opportunity to earn big from your writing

As a writer there can be nothing more disheartening than the sight of freelance scribes scrambling for writing gigs that seldom pay more than a demeaningly insulting sum for their efforts. Sadly, word, page and feature rates have remained at largely the same level for the past 20 years and ancillary rewards are slim pickings.

While there are many people around the world earning coffee money (beer is too costly), or are just about capable of eking out an existence on paltry remuneration levels, we are turning our attention (and wallets) to the writers that create outstanding content, and deserve a share of the profits realised by their publishers.

At The Furious Towers we earn commissions from sponsored adverts and affiliate programmes, therefore, if your content generates an income, then it is only fair that you should also earn your share.

Calculation of fees

In order to fund editorial work, promotion, purchasing of images and the moderation of comments, The Furious Engineer will retain a percentage of fees and commissions.

The remaining percentage will be shared among the ‘animals’ collective’, using the following formula (quarterly-based for a period of 12 months):

Your share of the animals’ collective = number of articles you have had published / total number of published articles

Are you interested?

If you can write great content, then we want to receive articles in the following genres:

  • Freelancing;
  • Marketing;
  • Business Development;
  • Social Media;
  • Writing (other than reviews);
  • Engineering;
  • Aerospace;
  • Motor trade;
  • Defence.

(HINT: we major in all things freelance; so try to give your article a freelance, balanced but honest perspective.)

What we shall do

We shall promote actively every published article for a period of 12 months to all of our readership, on all of our substantially followed Social Media channels and to our ever-growing mailing list.

What we want you to do

We want you to do the same, as the greater the audience we reach by our combined efforts, the more potential we all have to earn BIG!

What we need from you

Apart from the article/s, if you are notified that your article is to be published, then we shall require a brief author biography, links to your Social Media personas (for your author box) and that you create a ‘gravatar’ (www.gravatar.com – it is free by the way) attributable to your supplied email address (this can be an avatar but is preferably a high resolution photograph).

How to do it

Easy, just send us your article for review to enquiries@thefuriousengineer.com

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

By submitting an article for consideration, you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Submission of your article is not an indication of acceptance, or a guarantee of successful publication.
  2. Articles must be written in English, by you; you confirm that you own any copyright to its content and grant us legal permission to publish said content.
  3. Parody is anathema to TFE. It is illegal. Cutting and pasting other writers’ work will not be tolerated. Any such methods engaged with will result in immediate rejection.
  4. You fully indemnify The Furious Engineer against any copyright claims from third parties.
  5. You acknowledge that you grant The Furious Engineer permission to publish your article on your behalf and guarantee its exclusivity.
  6. You are prohibited from clicking onto adverts yourself, or encouraging others to do so. This is contrary to the spirit of the advertising programme; is grossly unfair and is prohibited by Google.  Such actions will result in the forfeiture of your fees, the removal of your article(s) and permanent and immediate withdrawal from The Furious Engineer websites, promotions and businesses.
  7. You agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions as specified by Google AdSense. Linked here.
  8. Payment will be made quarterly – immediately following payment of fees from Google, Amazon or any other sponsor of associate/affiliate programmes. The Furious Engineer will disclose full income details upon your request.
  9. The Furious Engineer will purchase suitable images for use within published articles. While you may use these images to promote that particular article, you do not have permission to download the images and utilise them for any other purpose, either printed or online.
  10. Your articles will realise potential fees for a period of 12 months following publication. After a full calendar year, your article may remain published but will no longer contribute to the Animals’ Collective.
  11. The Furious Engineer is not your employer; you are solely and wholly responsible for observing the taxation regulations pertinent to your locale and company status.
  12. No employment contract is entered into between you and The Furious Engineer, because we are just publishing great content on your behalf.
  13. Any other stuff that stops us getting our arses sued because of something you have/have not done.


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