Competition Time!

How does the thought of winning a £50 amazon voucher just for reading an article grab you?  Good – I had hoped so. It’s competition time!

As a thanks for reading one of our great articles, we’ll be giving one of our readers a £50 Amazon voucher as a token of our appreciation.

All you have to do is read one of the many informative and thought-provoking articles from our Blog, and leave a sensible comment that could drive further debate and interaction.  All commentators between the 26th September 2015 and 30th November 2015 will be entered into a random draw with multiple entries generated as follows:

  • Leave at least one comment (with your thoughts and/or opinion) on an article from our blog – up to one entry in the competition per article commented on.
  • Leave a comment on our ‘Things you always wanted to know about freelancing…’ article – two extra bonus entries.
  • Share one of our articles on Facebook, Linked In or Twitter (you’ll need to tag us so we know you’ve done it) – three entries for every shared article on each platform.
  • Follow us on Facebook – one entry.
  • Follow us on Twitter – one entry.
  • Follow us on Linked In – one entry.
  • Sign up for our free monthly newsletter – one entry.
  • Tell the world about how great the website is – our undying love and affection (priceless).

Competition Rules

  1. Don’t really know what I’m doing here, erm….
  2. My decision is final – no correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful competitors (sounds a bit gladiatorial).
  3. The fact that we’re related or know each other does NOT mean you’ll stand a better chance of winning.
  4. Each entry will be entered into an Excel spread sheet with an associated column number.
  5. A random number generator (range set between the numbers of the first and last row numbers of the completed spreadsheet) will determine who wins the voucher.
  6. The winner will be published on this website within 3-working days of the competition closing date.
  7. There is no cash alternative.
  8. The same comment distributed across many articles will only count as a single entry.
  9. You can share as many articles on as many platforms as you wish (3 entries per person per platform).
  10. If you don’t tag us we won’t know you’ve shared – so you can’t expect us to count it as a competition entry – but hey – thanks for sharing!
  11. ‘Great article’ or ‘wow – amazing’ or other such comments are great for my ego – but won’t get you an entry into the competition. You need to ‘engage’.
  12. Oh – we’re not responsible or liable in any way for whatever you choose to buy from Amazon, and whether it’s safe, any good, or matches your expectations – that’s down to them. Nothing to do with us guv’.
  13. Stay furious.