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Do you look like your name?

Do you look like your name? Research shows people can match names to faces of strangers

People can match first names to faces of strangers with surprising accuracy, new research from HEC Paris reveals, and it may have something to do with cultural stereotypes we share within a society.

In an article

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Radio released from shackles

Coinciding with World Radio Day, the UK Government has recently launched a consultation designed to overhaul the regulation of national and local radio stations. Under the draft proposals, local radio stations will no longer have to seek Ofcom’s permission over content.

Commercial radio stations will no longer be shackled to an

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Delivering Secure Wi-Fi

Tony Evans from Wick Hill (part of the Nuvias Group) highlights the risks of Wi-Fi and provides some advice for delivering a secure hotspot.

The fact that Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity hints at how long Wi-Fi has been around, but it was only in 1999 that the Wi-Fi Alliance formed as a

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4G mobile calls still open to eavesdroppers

Armour Communications, a provider of specialist, secure communications platforms explains in a paper published today entitled, Is someone listening in on your confidential calls?, how the latest 4G network fails to solve the problem of electronic eavesdropping. Firms’ intellectual property (IP) and commercially sensitive information can still be listened into

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Humanitarian Aid: what happens when the cameras go home?

When many people consider humanitarian aid in disaster situations, they think about the media’s coverage of the crisis: people being rescued, aid packages being delivered, shelters being built. But what happens when the cameras leave?

Peter Skelton, a London-based Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Project Manager with Handicap International, a charity which remains in

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