6 Secrets of Successful Freelancers

Emma Siemasko recently posted the 6 secrets of the most successful freelance writers.  Although this ‘Skyword’ article was of particular relevance to freelance writers,  the hints and tips are relevant to freelancers of all specialisations (and we’ve thrown in a few snippets of our own too):

  • Make your clients 200% happy – ‘satisfied’ just isn’t enough.
  • Don’t create work for your client;
    • Provide simple Invoices;
    • Deliver exactly to their specifications;
    • Clarify the role and ask if there is any other way you can help.
  • Accept projects for fun – maybe even do some free work in an area/role you want to evolve into.
  • Get out of the house/office – networking pays real benefits when done in person.  It’s all about ‘selfish altruism’ – how can you help them rather then how can they help you.
  • Establish your brand.
  • Don’t become competitive.

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Original article in full here.