Top 10 Highest Earners from Home

A recent article from The Telegraph’s Elizabeth Anderson has listed the 10 highest paid freelance tasks that can all be done from the comfort of your home.

As the number of freelancers working from home continues to grow exponentially, could you join the fastest-growing demographic in the UK labour market:

  1. Voice Talent – £68.16 per hour.
  2. Infographic Design – £48.72 per hour.
  3. Finance Writing – £37.95 per hour.
  4. Contract Drafting – £34.55 per hour.
  5. Recruiting – £32.51 per hour.
  6. Financial Forecasting – £26.82 per hour.
  7. Electronic Engineers – £26.16 per hour.
  8. Spanish-English Translation – £24.57 per hour.
  9. CV Writing – £24.42 per hour.
  10. 10.  Pay per Click Advertising – £23.97 per hour.

This ‘Top Ten’ shows that there’s a potential freelancer in all of us; ranging from ‘functional’ tasks to those that require a high degree of skill and competence.  Are you considering a freelance role? Even if you’re not sure and just need some friendly (and free) advice – please get in touch here (insert link to Contact page).

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