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If you If you fancy some WMD, try an Audi TTRS

Available in Audi’s line-up for the past eight years, the Audi TTRS is a spirited cocktail of classical coupe allied to sledgehammer potency and Iain Robertson, despite some genuine misgivings, is an eternal fan of the Bauhaus-inspired machine.

Letters maketh the man! Well, actually, it is manners that do that but

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Audi quattro technology creates a most classy all-roader

It would not be an Iain Robertson car report, were he not criticising something but, while a model name-style irritates him, he understands the Audi allroad intrinsically and appreciates its up-market leanings. 

When typing, typesetting and sub-editing pieces of writing, most computers and word processors, of whichever classification, can handle capital

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