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What is an ODM, and Why Do We Care From a Safety Perspective?


One of the significant challenges of assuring the safety of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) concerns the interactions between the RAS and its environment (including variables such as the expected weather conditions, light levels, users, other actors, and the built environment etc.). Each interaction could manifest in a novel/unanticipated situation,

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The Safe Assurance of an Office Butlerbot

We’re currently designing and developing a butlerbot for use in one of our brand-new University Buildings. When I say ‘we’, I mean ‘there are some extremely clever people with whom I have the pleasure of working that are designing and building a butlerbot’. I’m playing the role of the annoying

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FMECA – Why we Need to Rethink its Application

Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMECA) are a form of ‘FMEA Plus’; insofar as they add more detail to a FMEA by considering the failure paths in more granularity, and focus on asserting the criticality of failure. I deliberately avoid the use of terms like ‘determining’, or ‘establishing’ criticality, as

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Safety Engineering Competence

Competence and competencies for safety engineers is, in my experience to date, one of the most under-managed attributes of the profession. The best I can recollect is a bland, and self-complied assessment as to whether a safety engineer considers themselves to be a supervised practitioner, practitioner, or expert at certain

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A New Safety Engineering Paradigm?

Relax…this isn’t a Safety I, Safety II, Safety III, or even a Safety IV comparison/spat…but the safety engineering profession is on the cusp of a paradigm shift (in fact it’s already begun); owing to the increasing use of autonomous systems in safety-related applications. No longer can one maintain the neck-below-the-sand-level

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