Professional and Technical Services

Expanding Company

Is your company expanding but you’re just not quite ready to hire?

Bespoke Requirements

Do you have a bespoke work requirement that is bound by time and budget?

Short-term Assistance

Are you ready to grow, and need some short-term assistance?

Introducing The 555 Plan!

Bringing simplicity and transparency to the world of engineering consultancy!

Engineering Services

At The Furious Engineer we specialise in the provision of freelance engineering services. Our wide range of engineering and consultancy services include:

Safety Engineering and Safety management, Aeronautical, Aerospace Design and Procurement, Marine, Nuclear, Powerplant, Maintenance and Maintenance Planning, Total Safety Consultancy, Lean and 6 Sigma, Error Management and Human Factors

  1. £555 per day for our world-class engineering consultants
  2. All specialisms
  3. Anywhere in the UK*
  4. No teeth-sucking or ‘Life of Brian’ haggling – one price
  5. Consultancy simplified

We’d love to hear from you and discuss your requirements without any obligation or commitment.


additional T&S costs may be negotiated dependent on geographical location of tasks



Arora Marketing
Petaurum Solutions
Cryovac Engineering Limited
Applied Materials Technology
Paul Cook PT
Frontier Physical Conditioning
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