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Book Reviews

One of the most valuable gifts, whether intended for personal consumption, or not, is a book and Iain Robertson continues to supplement his knowledge base, while reviewing some of the latest titles.

Cars That Rock

ISBN: 978 1 78097 661 7


By Brian Johnson (with Mark Dixon)

Carlton Books 




Celebrities and motorcars are fairly happy

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Travel Book Reviews

Every now and then, some eminently practical travel books are produced and, with the vacation season upon us, Iain Robertson takes a closer look at them, lists their National Library references and other pertinent details.

MARCO POLO Zoom System

ISBN: 978 3 8297 6721 7 (France)

ISBN: 978 3 8297 6711 8 (Belgium/Luxembourg)





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4 superb new books for taking on vacation

In his inimitable style, Iain Robertson turned off the TV and opted for his reading glasses, to review four superb new books that are perfect for taking on vacation.


Deadly Diplomacy

ISBN: 978 0 9929971 3 7

£8.79 (per Amazon)

By Jean Harrod

York Authors Coffee Shop


I took great delight in reviewing Ms Harrod‘s latest

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