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Multi-million pound investment for the latest aerospace manufacturing and engine technology

Funding support for the latest technologies in aerospace engine manufacturing and performance, was announced recently by Aerospace Minister Richard Harrington; and will fund research into developing new engine cooling systems and new technology to stop the formation of ice crystals on engines when cruising at high altitudes.

The 2 projects, jointly funded by

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New UK Govt security guidelines on internet connected devices are welcome but need to go further

Y-cam, one of the UK’s most innovative providers of home security surveillance systems has welcomed the UK government’s new guidelines to make internet-connected devices more secure but it is stressing that consumers and businesses need to remain constantly vigilant.

With the much heralded “Internet Of Things” now becoming a reality, new

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Calls for Ethical Data Standard

Dele Atanda, founder of The Internet.Foundation, has made calls for an Ethical Data Standard when speaking  recently with World Update presenter Dan Damon at BBC World Service following the recent reported data breaches by both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

The Internet.Foundation was created in 2013 by Dele Atanda, who is a

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British workers demand more automation

Are technology laggards stifling UK businesses’ competitive position? A new report suggests that fear of automation among British workers is not as prevalent as people assume. Findings indicate that in many cases, employees would actually welcome greater automation in the workplace – with nearly half claiming they could get between 25

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Culture is Digital report will unleash the creative potential of technology for cultural organisations

Following a recent government announcement, museums, galleries, theatres and heritage organisations will be given access to cutting-edge technology and digital skills training to help them reach new and diverse audiences.

DCMS Secretary of State Matt Hancock announced the move as part of the Culture is Digital report, which sets out an ambitious

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