Author: the furious engineer

New study reveals global organisations are gambling their business future on poor code

CAST, a leader in software analysis and measurement, announced findings from its latest CRASH Report, which reveals that poor code in Financial Services applications can be exploited to steal confidential information

The report, which analysed 1.03 billion lines of code across 1,850 applications submitted by over 329 organisations in 8 different countries,

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Budget Response – APSCo

APSCo has issued an immediate response to the last Spring Budget – March 2017, and finds the following:

• Significant costs for smaller recruitment firms relating to off payroll rules
• No review of taxation announced
• Concerns around suggestions that main driver for self-employment is tax

Responding to today’s budget, Samantha Hurley, Operations

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Sports stars who made risky career moves

Ever wondered if your adored sports stars would trade in their boots for boxing gloves? Tennis rackets for riding saddles? Or have you seen a famous face on an unfamiliar field? Fan favourites have made some surprising and rather unusual career changes according to the new infographic by SBO.net.

While many sporting stars have

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